How to Write a Process Analysis Essay?

I still remember it, my first college assignment. It was a writing task. The first academic paper I had to complete was a process analysis essay. At that time, I had no idea what it was, but after submitting more than twenty essays of this type I consider myself an expert in this field.

The main goal of a process analysis essay is to explain some activity or phenomenon. The good thing about this essay is that it can be used as a valuable source of information. When you finish this article, you will get a basic understanding of how to write this type of paper step by step.

  1. There are several points you should bear in mind while choosing a topic for the process analysis essay. Do not indicate anything that is too difficult to comprehend. Do not try to come up with a short essay about the process that should be illustrated. We could find a good article on how to design a blanket, but watching a video on this subject would be much more helpful. There are some processes that are better seen than read about. Try to find something that can be easily imagined and will not require visual aids
  1. Be especially careful with linking words between sentencesof your essay. It might be tempting to start each instruction with “And then,” or “what,” but it is totally inappropriate for an academic writing. You can have these words in your draft sample, however, don’t forget to remove them in the process of proofreading.
  1. Do not label each step with numbers.You might say ‘the first” and “the second”, but after that numbering is no longer required. Paragraphs’ decorationsare also forbidden for this type of an essay. Yourgoal here is tolearn how to substitute all these devices (bullets, numbering, lists) with words.
  1. On first sight, it seems very easy to write a process analysis essay, yet you shouldn’t forget that it is not simply a description of the process. It has to be a real paper, interesting not only for your professor, but for any other reader as well. That is why it is your very first sentence that needs to attract attention. Introduce some unusual information about the process you are going to describe, or ask a question about it. For example, “Did you know that a white chocolate is actually not chocolate at all?” Then continue with an explanation for why the process or phenomenon you write about is so important. Give the reader the reason to get familiar with your work.

So, this is the information I wanted to share with you today. I hope you will find it useful. Good luck with your essay writing!

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