How to Write a Character Analysis Essay

The main purpose of the character analysis essay is not only to show your professor that you have read the required book, but also this is your perfect chance to understand the psychological factors that make people behave in a particular way. In turn, this could lead you to the analysis of your own behavior under the similar circumstances, show you what exactly influences your attitude, and predetermine the future consequences of your choices.

Writing a character analysis essay, one should consider the fact that the characters are the main parts of every fictional work. That is why the fictional characters are always portrayed through their thoughts, actions and reactions to the events that happen. It is also important to know that the other character’s actions and opinions about the analyzed characters and their actions and reactions are also very important in terms of developing an effective analysis.

When creating a character analysis essay the writer should tell the reader about the character, his actions and thoughts, but that is not enough. Remember that an analysis presents a critical view on the protagonist or antagonist, and also a piece of evidence that supports your views.

Begin with surveying all details about the character that you have noticed during the reading. Collecting them in groups will help you define the similar qualities of a character. That would be the basis of your analysis.

Sum up all the similar qualities in a single sentence. Make a single point and that would be your main idea, it will be your thesis statement. You have to select all the details that prove and support your thesis statement.

Remember to identify not only qualities of a character, but also his main role in the story. This is what makes the conflict that builds the core of a story, builds certain relationships between the character and his surrounding, opponents and drives the fiction forward. The aim could be revenge, reward, various social aspirations or the combination of these. Identify the reason why this aim is important to your character.

The specific events of the book should be used in order to illustrate your main point. You have to choose every quality of a character you are analyzing and prove it with a specific quote from the reading. The quote examples are the most effective here.

Identify the symbolism of the objects that surround your character.  Why are those objects important? What do they say about the character’s memories and personality? What associations the character has with those objects and how it all could be explained in a deeper level?

Appeal to the conflict resolution and describe the way it changed the character: was it a spiritual growth for him or a disappointment? Explain how the personality of a character changed. For instance, the certain events transformed a character to the opposite personality. Identify the conflict he was forced to solve and the reasons it influenced him that much.

Compare what exactly you have learnt about different psychological issues and details of the personality of the character of your analysis to your own personality in terms of what would you do, if you were him, and what do you admire and dislike in his decisions? Would you follow the same course of actions? Why or why not? Tell about it.

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