How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay

The purpose of a casual analysis essay is to define the reasons of the things that happen in our life. This is a type of academic essay that am to find answers to the following questions:

  • Why did it happen?
  • What are the causes? What did it cause in turn?
  • How did it influence something else?

The complex series of different events sometimes take place in our lives. So, the causal analysis essay is all about identifying the reasons and better understanding the world which we live in. In fact, this kind of academic writing attempts to probe the reasons of some events, actions, opinions, and conditions and examine the specific consequences.

The causal analysis essay is structured as follows:

The event > The causes > The consequences

The main focus is laid on the bonds between the cause and the effect. The cause and the effect are forming the final consequences.

The causal analysis essay should:

  • Prove the main point;
  • Argue against the stereotypical views;
  • Reflect on the expressed theory.

To develop this type of essay a student is advised to include rhetorical forms of the narrative or descriptive, as well as compare and contrast examples.

Trying to answer the above mentioned questions the writer should decide whether the single cause has a single effect, or there are several effects, in fact. Depending upon the situation, the result could be influenced by a great amount of consequences, and many factors need to be considered. Each unconsidered factor can influence the outcome and explain the situation from some other point of view.

To ease the task, the writer may decide on the most appropriate pattern and build the so-called causal chain. This pattern should be focused on the logical succession of causes. This is the logical line. For example, free attendance of the college leads to the fact that students do not attend the classes very often, which leads to the fact that they fail the tests. The effect is failing the classes.

Like any other academic essay, the causal analysis should contain a strong thesis statement. The thesis must identify the main focus of your essay: the cause, or the effect, or both of them.

The writer should decide the logical organizational pattern:

  • One cause – different effects
  • Different causes – one effect
  • The casual chain

Consider all the specific details that may influence the casual chain. Link your ideas logically and avoid facilities in the cause and effect relationships. Do not simplify the situation, consider all the possible details you can. Avoid the insufficient evidences and use the specific details. Do not omit important connections. Be honest and objective.

As a rule, a successful causal analysis is all about seeking for something which is more than just the most obvious causes. The writer should dig deeper and use the complex thinking to develop more ultimate causes.

Successful causal analysis essay will provide the writer with clarifications of his views on specific situations. The most beneficial thing for both reader and writer is to obtain the understanding of the reasons why something happens the way it does.

The effective writing would allow the writer and the reader to understand the complicated series of events that shape our lives. In simple words, this is a perfect practice to develop your analytical skills.

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