How to start your analysis essay

Analysis essay is basically an essay where you analyze a certain part of some phenomenon using different techniques such as comparison, experiment, etc. The topic of your essay may be different: from literature to chemistry. This leads us to the first tip for your writing:

Set yourself a clear object of analysis. As soon as you narrow your analysis to a certain feature, person, character, etc. you can start building the essay itself. Tip: the more specific you get about the subject, the easier it is to analyze it.

Also, it is a good idea to prepare the structure beforehand. Ideally, you have to imagine how many pages every part will take. This means half of work is done. When you’re done with the structure, move on to the parts themselves.

Start with an introduction, then write your body paragraphs that have to have a topic sentence (a sentence summarizing the general idea of the paragraph), analysis itself and evidence supporting your idea.

And finally, come up with a conclusion. This may be a simple summary of main ideas or a conclusion also showing the purpose of the paper. For instance, ‘this analysis should persuade readers to lead a more ecologically aware life.’

Also, it is absolutely necessary to keep in mind what your genre of essay is. For instance, if this is a process analysis essay, stick to explanatory tone and take the process you’re writing about step by step, and in free literary analysis essay you are to dig deeply into the minds and motives of the characters.

When you put together the referencing style, the essay subgenre, the topic and the tone you’ve chosen, you’re almost there. Don’t rush and imagine you’ve already created the work. It is easier to start having that picture in mind.

When the paper’s done, proofread it, make sure you haven’t repeated the same idea several times if you were not intending to, of course, then check the spelling of important names making sure they are correct. Finally, we recommend you to use your own ideas instead of widely-praised ones. Yes, there are experts, and their opinions may help, but you’re writing this to learn, so free your mind and let it produce some fresh material. It is also a good idea to let someone else read your paper. You can exchange the drafts with your classmate and then discuss them. In the end, you’ll have an essay that fits your needs. But in case you just don’t have time for that extra urgent task, you can ask us to help any time.

We hope you have a good time writing your essay and wish you to be proud of your work. Good luck with your writing!

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